Scented candles

Made from natural soy wax. Delicately hand poured and infused with thoughtfully selected organic essential oils.

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Decorative candles

Carefully hand crafted with exquisite fragrances, attractive colours and versatile forms to elevate your home decor.

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Learn about the ingredients in each candle and the benefits that they deliver to you.

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We talk candles, aromatherapy, wellbeing, and more. Check out our latest posts.

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Organic, vegan, hand poured

  • Organic

    Powered by ethically sourced, organic essential oils that support rejuvenation, focus, and relaxation.

  • Vegan

    Este candles are made from pure, responsibly sourced soy wax. Kind to the planet and kind to the bees 🐝

  • Hand Poured

    Each candle is delicately hand-poured in Glasgow, with careful attention to detail and quality standards.

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